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Esquimaux* is Heather Brown Dodge, Graham Dodge & James Sajor. The trio started cutting their musical teeth at the Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles, CA in 2004 with various guest bandmates, including: Grahm Baker (Gooby Goo & Peekers), Mike Sattin (The Resonant Heads) & Al Sgro (Holly Conlan). They made their radio debut with their self-titled EP, "Esquimaux" (2004), on Nic Harcourt's "Morning Becomes Eclectic" and have since been charted and played on several independent, college and online radio stations worldwide. Their first full-length record, "perfecto!" (2005), features friends/guests Brian Gibson (Lightning Bolt) and Gary Jules. Soon after the release of "perfecto!", Esquimaux went on maternity leave for 2 years. During that time, the band split apart geographically among their hometown of Baltimore and their adopted home of L.A., but continued writing songs together over the internet. In 2007, Esquimaux met halfway across the country to record the first of 2 sister EPs, "Tiger" and "Wolf". The first EP, "Tiger" (2008), was recorded by Steve Albini in Chicago and is an analog study of Southern Rock and Alt-Country styles. "Tiger" also features the addition of drummer Eric Stock (Stroke 9). The second EP, "Wolf" (coming 2009), was recorded at the band members' homes and is a digital study of Easy Listening and R&B/Pop styles. Also awaiting release in 2009, is a maxi-single called "Gleaming The Truth" with Eric Stock filling in on drums again.

Heather Brown Dodge started out singing with folk singer/songwriter Gary Jules (best known for his cover of "Mad World" for the film "Donnie Darko") who appears on the Esquimaux song, "Honey & Dear". While performing in his band The Group Rules, Heather shared the stage with such artists as: Beck, Jack Johnson, Liz Phair, Jason Mraz and Sheryl Crow to name a few. With Gary Jules, she appears on Gary Jules & The Group Rules - "Bird" (2008), and Live At The Hotel Cafe (2004).

James Sajor was a founding member and bassist of the influential D.C. screamo band, Anasarca, and has also performed with Glenn Branca as part of the Hallucination City - Symphony No.13 for 100 Guitarists.

Graham Dodge has played in several unknown bands (including past bands with Heather and James separately). Besides Graham's musical contributions to Esquimaux, he also designs stuff for the band.

*The band name comes from the film Heathers (1989) in which Christian Slater's character decides on one word to define Heather Duke's motivation for suicide (as it appears in her favorite book, Moby Dick): esquimaux.


Esquimaux EP ~ 2004
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perfecto! ~ 2005
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Tiger EP ~ 2008
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Wolf EP ~ 2009
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